Transfers from home to airport and from airport to home Affordable · Reliable · Professional

We provide both group and private transfers to the airport and vice versa. Transport safety standards are at the highest level.

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Affordable transportation to European airports

To many European airports - Marco Polo and Treviso in Italy, Franjo Tuđman Airport in Croatia, Vienna Airport in Austria and Frankfurt (or Stuttgart) Airport in Germany...



We offer you a complete organization of trips, excursions, transfers and passenger transport, ... with your or our experienced drivers. We also boast a license to carry out passenger transport in domestic and international road traffic. Vehicles are registered for 9 people (driver + up to 8 passengers), passenger accident insurance is included in the price. All vehicles have comfort equipment (adjustable pilot seats, double air conditioning, CD radio, electric package, ...). Possibility of a towing hook, roof sled or roof rack (MONTANA).

Customized transportation for travel. Airport and port transfer. Custom transfers designed to make you feel welcome.

Transportation from home to airport and from airport to home
Affordable · Reliable · Professional

Public transport

Public transport (also known as mass transit or simply transit) is a system of passenger transport with group travel systems available for use by the general public, as opposed to private transport, which is usually operated by order and operates on fixed routes that charge published fee for each trip.

Examples of public transportation are taxis, city buses, trolleybuses, trams (or light rail) and passenger trains, rapid transit (subway/subway/subway, etc.) and ferries. Public transport between cities is dominated by airlines, buses and intercity railways. High-speed rail networks are being developed in many parts of the world.

Most public transport systems operate on fixed routes with specific pick-up/drop-off points according to a predetermined timetable, and the most frequent services run on a rolling basis (for example: "every 15 minutes", as opposed to a schedule for any particular time of day). However, most public transport journeys involve other modes of travel, such as passengers walking or catching a bus to access train stations. Cash taxis offer on-demand services in many parts of the world that can compete with or complement fixed public transport lines by bringing passengers to hubs. Paratransit is sometimes used in low-demand areas and for people who need door-to-door service.

TAXI- taxi

A taxi, also known as a cab or taxi, is a type of vehicle for hire with a driver used by a single passenger or a small group of passengers, often for a ride without sharing. Taxi transport transports passengers between locations of their choice. This differs from public transportation, where pick-up and drop-off locations are decided by the service provider, not the customer, although demand-responsive transportation and taxis offer a hybrid bus/taxi ride.

Although Although the types of vehicles and methods of regulation, leasing, dispatch and payment negotiations vary greatly between countries, there are many common features. Controversy over whether ride-sharing companies should be regulated as taxis has led some jurisdictions to create new regulations for these services.

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